Chairman’s Message

The vision of IEI is “To enable practice of ethical ethos and pursuits of professional excellence for engineering fraternity to serve the humanity through inclusive growth”, coined long back. Till today it so true and will remain true forever. If each and every Engineer pledges to follow this, then there is no doubt that we will have strong developed India.

Selfless patriot, Sir M Visvesvaraya rightly said: “Remember, your work may be only to sweep a railway crossing, but it is your duty to keep it so clean that no other crossing in the world is as clean as yours.” Are we following this? Think over it!

As chapter of IEI, we should not limit ourselves only in conducting Workshops and Seminars. Instead gained knowledge in terms of skills must be brought into practice through budding Engineers. Present scenario of Engineering Education has changed a lot. So, we have to put sincere efforts while imparting education. We should also ensure that today’s Engineers are made ready in the way that industry expects. All the time we should not blame the system, rather we can try our best to transfer our skills to the followers with ethical culture.

Everyone should think deliberately about what is expected before doing anything. Thought processes having innovative ideas must be translated into practices that serve society leading to global solutions. In the chain reaction of daily walking of 60 minutes, the last quarter plays a vital role than first three quarters. The muscles feel fatigued as the stored carbohydrates are reduced, giving fruit to the whole exercise. In the similar way the extra skills added to Engineers in the last quarter of 4 years prove real fruit for them in their career.  So, let us pledge that we will truly transfer our skills to at least in 10 Engineers every year.